Establishment and development of Mazatlán

Talking about Mazatlán is talking about culture, gastronomy and history. In this article we will go into the account of how it was established and its development through the years. Let’s start by its name, which comes from the Nahuatl which means “the place of the deer”, this due to in the island there used to be more deer than men. Originally the XVII century Mazatlán was used as port of shipment of valuable products such as gold and silver, the first inhabitants were migratory indigenous tribes with surviving need. Later, in the year of 1531, the Spanish conquers arrived to this territory being Nuño Beltrán de Guzmán who founded the port and it was named “The Mazatlán islands”.

At the beginnings of the XVII century the city become important thanks to the rich mining towns, despite its activities, Mazatlán did not have the growth but until de XIX century. The economic and politic potential of the port grew disproportionately. This opened the way for many foreigners to invest, being the Germans the ones who contributed the most to the development creating important enterprises between them yarn factories, metallurgical, marine, shipping and commercials. For the year of 1847 during the Mexico – United States war the American forces closed the port. Likewise, despite of the effect of the revolution in the 20’s, it already was an attractive of great reputation earned thanks to those who traveled by land and those who used to like the place because of its comfort and tranquility as they passed through the region.

Ah the end of the 90’s decade, Mazatlán is constituted by 219 human settlements of which exist 75 housing developments and 144 neighborhoods, representing a population of just over 400 thousand inhabitants. One of the strategic points for the development of the commerce and that has stood out at broad levels is the fishing, which has been one of the main economic activities in Mazatlán, concentrating 70% of the fishing activity in the state.

Its architecture which takes us back to ancient times, gastronomy, cultural heritage and its weather which is characterized for being tropical semi damp make Mazatlán in one of the best destinations to travel, and the ideal place to invest in a property for living or for a business development.

Written by IGE. Rubí Torres

Translated by LLMI. Jessica Hernández

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