Five reasons to invest in Mazatlán

Mazatlán is a gorgeous port where fun, nice weather, attractions and life quality are guaranteed. In the last years, this destination has called the attention of locals and foreigners, who not only look for a place to holiday, but also to consider it as an excellent investment opportunity. That is why, that, if you are thinking in investing your capital, which better option than Mazatlán, we present you here 5 reasons that will widen your perspective of why to invest in it.

  • Winning city of the award World Travel Awards

Mazatlán city has won 3 consecutive times the award known as the world tourism Oscar by the World Travel Awards. These nominations are evaluated by experts on the subject from all the world. It is renown as on of the ports with most tourist attraction in México. Its beautiful beaches, gastronomy and traditional parties are spotlight of the foreigners each year.

  • Great tourism attendance

Likewise, Mazatlán concentrates approx. 74.5% of tourism that visits Sinaloa per year, of the 13 million 505 thousand 954 tourists who visited the main beaches of Mexico in the first quarter of 2021, Mazatlán concentrated 2 million 060 thousand 302 tourists per night, 15.3% of the total, occupying the second place (CODESIN, 2022).

    • Opportunity of a high Return on Investment

    Furthermore, the north zone of Mazatlán is home to developments and coming neighborhoods of high purchasing power, which means a bigger opportunity of return on investment. Additionally, the capital gain of the zone is increasing, it is prognosticated with a capital gain increase of 25% approx. in the next years (in general, Mazatlán had an increase of 9.6% in 2019, according with El Financiero).

    • Connectivity with the rest of the country and the world.

    Mazatlán is connected with the country by highways and an international airport. It is a destination to holiday with all the needed services such as health centers, infrastructure and integration with the local and touristic community.

    • Living in Mazatlán synonym of life quality

    Now, if your investment idea in Mazatlán is to reside, you are in the right decision, because this place is the perfect mix between tranquility, friendliness of people, contact with nature, cultural diversity and tourist attractions. Enjoy quiet afternoons, walks along the boardwalk and the nightlife that Mazatlán has for you.

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