How much does it cost to live and invest in Mazatlán?

Life quality in Mazatlán is one of the best in the country, living in this divine destination means enjoy every day of a colonial city in front of the sea, the delicious gastronomy and walking by the longest pier of Latin America. If you are planning to move or invest in Mazatlán, here we will give an idea of how much it costs (approx.) to live or invest in this touristic destination.

First, we will explain the cost of living in Mazatlán, as it is a booming tourist destination, it will depend on the type of home and location you choose, if you are interested in buying a house you will find prices from $370,000 MXN to $29,000,000 MXN in high-value residential areas Now, if you want to rent a house or apartment, it ranges from an average cost of $5,000 MXN to $55,000 MXN. One of the best advantages of living in Mazatlán is that you can rent your house or apartment on the Airbnb platform.

A very important piece of advice when purchasing a property: carefully analyze several proposals before contracting a loan, likewise focus on analyzing real estate options that are adaptable to your payment capabilities and have good requirements such as: a good location, the type of house you want, whether it is a duplex house or a condominium, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has. There are other important factors to consider, if for example, you are thinking of living permanently in Mazatlán, take into account the different costs such as: transportation, medical services, basic services and entertainment.

Everyone who visits Sinaloa is delighted, since the cost of living and properties are below average, in addition to people from other parts of Mexico, foreigners feel safe, because the locals are very friendly. In conclusion, Mazatlán will allow you and your family to have a guaranteed quality of life, since it is a city in constant growth. Do not wait any longer to invest in the house or property of your dreams in this beautiful touristic destination.

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