Top five beaches in Mazatlán

Being in the beautiful port of Mazatlán is just like a dream come true, each one of its corners has something to offer to who visits it. Its gorgeous crystalline and turquoise waters will live you breathless. Well, if you are planning to live or holiday there, here, we will describe you some of its beaches which are a must visit.

Olas altas beach

This beach located in the south of Mazatlán, close to the historic center, is one of the most famous in the port. This is a place full of activities, specially surfing, as its name says “high waves”, this beach has attracted surfers through the years. The best time to surf is from April to October, when the waves reach a height of 6 ft or more.

Besides surfing, you can also just sit on the sand and enjoy the stunning view this beach has for you.

Cerritos beach

In this paradise the sand turns reddish and golden as the waves gradually recede. This beach receives each year thousands of tourists from different parts of the world, who attracted by the big waves, go to enjoy the spectacle of the mother nature. If you want to learn surfing, here you will find specialized people who will teach you. In addition, you can walk by the beach at any time of the day and enjoy the sunrise or sunset, quad-bike tours, kayak or a massage.

Las brujas beach

It is considered also one of the best beaches of the pacific pearl because of its great waves. It is located in the north of Mazatlán and it is sought after families which want a horse ride or rent a quad bike, likewise, you can also experience the “lunadas” which are organized on November nights.

Camaron beach

With an exotic environment, this beach is a natural sanctuary which has the perfect conditions to practice different nautical activities such as sailing, kayak navigation, scuba diving, banana rides, among others.

Gaviotas beach

It is the destination with the longest tradition in Mazatlán. It is famous for the practice of water sports such as diving, snorkeling or surfing, as well as different recreational activities such as skydiving, kayaking or the famous catamaran rides, due to the fact that its waters are quite calm.

Well, these are only five of the various beaches Mazatlán shows the world, we could spend pages and pages describing each one of them, whichever is the one you decide to visit, we are 100% sure you will be fascinated with its beauty, these magic sanctuaries are the perfect places to relax and get in touch with mother nature, it is never too late to take a time to spend with yourself or with your love ones. Let yourself be amazed by the stunning sunrises and sunsets and get lost in the immensity of the gorgeous views the sea of the pacific pearl has for you.

Written by: LLMI Jessica Hernández 

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