What is the best time of the year to travel to Mazatlán?

When scheduling our vacations, the first points that should be considered is to know what time of year is the best to visit the desired place, since there are factors that can play for or against and make the vacations not go as planned. One of them is the weather or the season, even more so when it comes to a tourist destination with a beach such as Mazatlán. Here we will tell you some tips that should be considered when planning a visit to Mazatlán.

The best time to travel to the city of Mazatlán is November-March: why is simple. Regularly in the Mexican Pacific, the hurricane season begins in the summer, and these conclude in the month of October. It is important to mention that this type of event is not very constant, but it is worth taking it into account.

At this time of the year there is no rainy season, although they can be somewhat atypical during the night and for extraordinary reasons during the day.

During almost 365 days a year in Mazatlán you enjoy a warm climate, for the months of December-January you can feel a cold climate, for visitors who come from a very cold climate, coming to Mazatlán is like being in Paradise. In these months the sea water is not usually so warm, but most hotels have a heating system. Thus, during this period it is considered high season, which, for example, is Bank Holidays, Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Carnival, but the rest of the days are considered low season where the influx of tourists decreases and that is when promotions and promotions are offered. discounts.

Next, the Tourist seasons of Mazatlán:

The very low season in Mazatlán are the months of June, September and October, the months with low influx of tourists are January, February, March, April, August, and November, the high season and tourist influx is in the month of July, continuing with the highest season in the month of December. The not so lucky thing about this season is that, because they are the best months due to the perfect weather, the influx of people is greater so you could find a large influx of people everywhere, beaches, hotels and restaurants.

If you are thinking of traveling to a pleasant destination for the rest of the year, Mazatlán welcomes you with open arms as it offers a diversity of tourism where you will always find a different activity to do, different places to visit, without a doubt it is a sun and beach destination, but it has so much more to offer.

Written by IGE Rubí Torres

Translated by LLMI. Jessica Hernández

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